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Sunday, February 06, 2011


Help Dilute Out Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a pseudoscience which has a tenacious grip in Australia, as well as other developed nations that should know better. Now, the 10:23 campaign has been set up to help raise awareness of the vacuity and danger of homeopathy. In the words of the 10:23 campaign:

The 10:23 Challenge is a follow-up to the 'overdose' protest staged by the 10:23 Campaign in 2010. International protesters from more than 10 countries, and more than 23 cities will gather for over the weekend of February 5-6 2011, to make the simple statement: Homeopathy - There's Nothing In It.
There's events in Australia (although it's probably too late, them being on the 5-6th) but there's lots of resources at the 10:23 site, so go have a look (oh, and read "the Australian Government Needs to Wise Up on Homeopathy").


I for one..don't trust modern medical crap.Lot of them lie..just to get money for there experiments.I will take homeopathy route first.
I have been collating blog posts & videos world-wide

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