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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My 2010 Geminids

I saw one. A very nice one, about as bright as Sirius. It shot over Taurus leaving a trail behind. I also saw two dim sporadics.

I got up at 2 am to watch the Geminids only to find clouds wandering over the sky. I got a nice postion to watch, and it was pleasantly warm, but after half an hour of increasing cloud I gave up. Still I got to see one Geminid.

Haven't seen too many reports on the web. Cloudbait over in the US has some nice pictures and animations. IceInSpace readers forums report roughly one ever 6 minutes, down from what I expected, but the Geminid Live site also shows fewer Geminids ( apeak of around 80/hr rather than 120/hr ZHR).

UPDATE: Spaceweather has links to lots of meteor pictures from this years shower.


Ian got quite a nice pic of one over Lake Wendouree here in Ballarat, Vic - let me know if you'd like to see it
cheers Andrew

Amdrew, yes I would like to see it.
the geminids were amazing-- I saw a double meteor over orion-- one after the other in succession. I have a photo at my blog, but not of this one-- the one on my blog is from the perseids.
Julia, it's still beautiful though. I'm glad you had a good time
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