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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Silly Blob Things

Another reason why I'm not posting about all the glorious comet goings on. I present, Silly Blob Things by MiddleOne, his second animation/claymation.

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Hi there, first time I saw your blog. I am facinated by the information you share, and am learning something new. Thanks.
I love how the credits are longer than the show !
Hard work, huh ?
Yeah. The hard work was the modelling and sequential shooting (all handled by MiddleOne, with "assistance" from SmallestOne). Loading the images into ImageJ and creating an AVI was a piece of cake. Loading the subsequent AVI into Windows movie maker to create titles and credits was a pain in the #%%%@@@@.

The overlong credit sequence is a result of Windoze knowing better than we do (sigh).
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