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Thursday, October 22, 2009


This Mornings Orionids

... were a little bit disappointing. I saw but one faint meteor, nothing else. I had a good spot, no light sources to interfere and a good field of view. Still there are worse ways to spend the morning than looking at Orion, the Hyades and Pleiades. Other people seem to be seeing a few in the areas that are not clouded out. The International Meteor Organisation's automatically updated results page shows the beginings of a reasonable peak. Hopefully some of you got a better result form the Orionids than I did.


I wont miss this one. Should be seeing some decent ones in adelaide =)
I Ian musgrave, i lived at prospect...and i saw around 7 meteor streaks. 2 of them was so beautiful and even got a smoke tail..was very bright!!

Did you saw any?
Hi Ian, I'm at Flagstaff Hill - not far from you and got up at 3am to view them. I saw a total of 12, three of them were very bright streaks - mostly greenish but one was reddish. Tried again this morning, but absolutely nothing. Sorry you missed out. :(
I had good seeing (rural Ohio) and saw nary a streak in 30 minutes around 0800 UT.
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