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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Where were You When People First Walked on the Moon?

Shortly before 12:56pm AEST on July 21, 1969 we were gathered into a classroom at my high school to watch Neil Armstrong become the first human to walk on the Moon.

Which classroom? Who was there with me? I don't remember (I do have a vague impression it was the Great Hall, and there were lots of us there), I was completely focussed on the grainy black and white images beamed back from the Moon.

If you have memories of the Lunar landing you can share them at the Australian ABC website "Footprints on the Moon" (and watch the video there).

There are more stories about the Moon on the ABC Space page. You can check the International Year of Astronomy diary to see what celebrations are on in your state today.

Internationally, Echos of Apollo also celebrates todays 40th anniversary with time lines, stories, podcasts and videos. Over on The Pandas Thumb Richard B. Hoppe shares his memories of being involved with the engineering of the Apollo 11 module.

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