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Thursday, July 09, 2009


The Sky This Week - Thursday July 9 to Thursday July 16

The Eastern Horizon as seen from Australia at 6:00 am local time, click to embiggen.

The Last Quarter Moon is Wednesday July 15.

Saturn is visible in the early evening and can be easily seen as the second brightest object above the north-western horizon. It is about a quarter of the way between the bright stars Regulus and Spica.

On Friday July 10 the waning Moon is not far from Jupiter. Jupiter can be seen just above the eastern horizon before 10 pm local time but it is still best seen in the morning with the other bright planets, Venus and Mars.

Mars is just above the beautiful Pleaides cluster, and Venus is close to the A-shaped Hyades cluster (see chart above), on the morning of Monday July 13 Venus is close to bright red Aldebaran in the Hyades, forming a second "eye" in the head of Taurus the Bull.

If you are an early morning riser with a small telescope, Jupiter's Moons are readily visible (also in binoculars) and Venus is in 'waxing Moon" Phase.


Hi Ian,

OT, but I thought you might find this just published paper interesting:

Stepwise acquisition of pyrimethamine resistance in the malaria parasite


May be of use in Behe bashing and general PandasThumb activity.

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