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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse July 7, 2009

Tonight sees a very weak penumbral eclipse, where the Moon will just brush the outer edges of the outer shadow of the Earth. Maximum eclipse is 7:30 pm AEDST, 7:00 pm ACDST and 5:30 pm AWST. The northern edge of the Moon will undergo a faint darkening, so faint that only the people with the best visual acuity will see it (and in WA the eclise is in twilight, so it will be impossible to see there).

Update: Meh! didn't notice that I worte AEDST, that was meant to be AEST. Still, the Moon looked marvellous rising through thin cloud, but there was no way I could see any prenumbral darkening through the cloud.

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The moon just looked really red and huge from Md and southcentral Pa.
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