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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Science Outside The Square: Science fiction to science fact

The Royal Institute of Australia is putting on a Science Outside the Square presentation entitled Science Fiction to Science Fact this Wednesday June 3. You can book your free tickets here. From the press release:

Advances in science and technology speed along at such a rate it can be hard to know exactly what's out there, and to separate the plausible, possible or predictive, from the cold hard facts.

While much of the fiction, remains just that (at least for now!), other ideas have been strangely prophetic. In fact, some of the science facts we take for granted started life as imaginative musings in novels and pulp fiction mags.

You may have heard that cyberpunk writer William Gibson ‘predicted’ the advent of cyberspace (albeit in a somewhat Matrix-like sense that’s yet to be realised), but did you know that Kepler first suggested the concept of weightlessness in his 1634 Somnium (dream)? Or that HG Wells wrote, as early as 1914, of the devastating power of an atomic bomb, and predicted the splitting of the atom to within five years? How about the ion engines that power StarWars’ starships… Fact or Fiction? Closer to fact than you might think.

Join best-selling sci-fi author Sean Williams and astronomer and popular-science writer Fred Watson as they explore how science and science fiction borrow from each other to entertain and to expand knowledge of the universe. Plus share with us their love of astronomy, cosmology and writing. Clare Peddie, The Advertiser’s science writer will facilitate, and the evening will include a musical interlude with Fred Watson on guitar.

When: Wednesday 3rd June 7pm

Where: The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel (The Gov) 59 Port Rd, Hindmarsh

How: FREE event but booking required. http://www.scifitoscifact.eventbrite.com/

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