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Thursday, April 23, 2009


My First Image of C/2009 G1

I have a account with Global-Rent-A-Scope, after over a week of frustration, where the sky was either clouded out, or I woke up far too late to do any imaging, I finally got an image of comet 2009 G1 Ruan.

This is a very special comet, as it is the few comets found by the stereohunter community that can be seen by Earth-bound telescopes (mostly the are Kreutz sungrazers). I can remember the excitement after Ruan found the faint object moving in the stereo images, as the stereohunters eliminated candiate after candiate until it was clear this was a new object.

If you don't have a telescope, you can enjoy C2009 G1 Ruan in Celestia or Stellarium.

Shortly after the image above was taken, the clud came over the Moorook telescope site (typical). Image is a 2 minute exposure using scope G-15.

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Wow this is excellent. Sounds like fun to rent that telescope. Anna :)
Well done Ian, looks real good.
"...Hey Dad...Darrell dug a hole...." something to be proud of..Regards CometAl
Anna it is fun to rent a telescope (could possibly be an expensive addiction though :-)

Comet Al: Not bad for my first real telescopic comet shot. I still have a lot to learn alot processing the images though.

Of course, with the current weather, it may be a LOOONNNGG time before I get the chance to learn. I might see if I can pick up 2008 T2 Cardinal in STEREO A while I wait.
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