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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


A Stellarium Script for 2009 DD45

In the wake of setting up Celestia and Stellarium entries for 2009 DD45, I present a simple stellarium script to show 2009 DD45's movement amongst the stars. It requires a bit of a kludge though.

=======8< cut here DD45.sts 8<========
#A simple script to show the motion of
#Asteroid 2009 DD45 as it made its close
#pass of Earth.
#Set location to Adelaide, but any Australian or NZ

#location Okay. Northen Hemisphere misses out.
moveto lat -34.55 lon 138.52 alt 0
date local 2009:3:2T21:00:00
select planet 2009 DD45 pointer on
#this is a kluge
#for some reason the select comand does
#not work on 2009 DD45 or 2006 P1 McNaught
#so I select a star instead, the deselect it
select star HP61084 pointer off
zoom auto in
Zoom fov 60
wait 1
#Speed the time up to see 2009 DD45's movement
timerate rate 250
script action end

=======8< cut here 8<============

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