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Sunday, March 08, 2009


Reflections on Failure

We are at Womad this weekend, and while listening to music, staring at the sky through the Monkey Puzzle trees with my beloved partner the Bettdeckererschnappender weisle at my side, I had occasion to reflect on failure.

My beloved partner and I have listened to amazing music perched on rocks in forest amphitheatres, in planetariums, in old Irish country pubs and in the old city of Brandenburg. We had stood in the ruins of the Frauenkirche and old megalithic monuments. We have hiked the Ironbound ranges, stood on the summits of Snowden and Kosciusko. We have bicycled the Mekelenberg Seeplate and the backblocks on Victoria. Through volunteer work with environmental groups we have helped in some way to leave the world a better place for our children. We have three wonderful children who may just be persuaded not to build giant killer robots. Through my research I have added a little to the sum of human knowledge, I have seen my students take their first steps into the wide world and begin to make careers which will make a difference to human health. I have helped push back the tides of ignorance a tiny bit, and I have helped people appreciate the wonderful skies above us.

But, according to Jacques Segula, advertising guru and confidant of French President Nicholas Sarkozy, anyone who is over 50 and doesn't have a Rolex watch has "failed his life". Well, I'm past 50, and I don't have a Rolex.

If this is failure, I'm proud to be a failure.


Phew!...That is close I still have a year left to make my mark on the universe. Would a cheap Thia replica(knockoff) be ok, do you think..? What do the french know way...? You have three ROLEX's Ian, it's only a matter of how well they can be kept in time. No failure there.
Kind regards, CometAl
One of the ROLEX's skinned their knee while skipping back from seeing the amazing Fire Organ installed in the local park. A big hug and a wet cloth to the affected part worked wonders.

The French have responded to the Ad Man by opening up a website "Fail My Life", which satirises the idea of ROLEX as lifestyle indicator.

Maybe we need a new award to recognise people who volunteer as fire-fighters, coach kids sport, visit the elderly etc., but who don't have ROLEX's?
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