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Sunday, February 15, 2009


On Local Radio Today

Just a reminder I'll be on ABC local radio (Adelaide 891 AM) with Ashley Walsh today (Sunday Feb 15th), going live about 11:40 am ACDST. I'll be talking about the International Year of Astronomy, so listen if you can (they doing streaming, so even if you are not in Adelaide you can catch this on your computer).

UPDATE: I thought the radio show went rather well. If you are interested in helping out with the Westall Secondary College, please contact me via email (follow the web links at Southern Skywatch) and I will put you in touch. I also had a chat with the talkback gardener Malcolm Campbell while waiting. The Bettdeckererschnappernder weisle is a big fan of his, and it turns out he's an amateur astronomer with some serious tripod mounted binoculars.


Hi Ian, I'm staying up late to listen. I think you are just about to be on. Good luck.
Missed it! I tuned it at what I thought was the right time (9.10 EDT), but all I heard was music. Drat. Anyway, hope it went well.
G'Day Katrina

Sorry about that. the show started a little late for various reasons, so you might have missed the start. Or else the time could be completely messed up. You may need UT converter to get accurate time fixes. Sadly, there is no podcast, so you will have to wait for my next interview (somewhere around the 100 days of Astronomy).

Cheers! Ian
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