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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm on Radio Again

I have a face that's just perfect for radio, and as it happens I'll be on ABC local radio (Adelaide 891 AM) with Ashley Walsh this Sunday (Feb 15th), going live about 11:40 am ACDST. I'll be talking about the International Year of Astronomy, so listen if you can (they doing streaming, so even if you are not in Adelaide you can catch this on your compute, no podcast though).


I've just discovered your blog, and I love it to bits - I'm an Aussie amateur astronomer, living in Canada, but wanting to learn more about southern skies.
Since the fires last week (I'm from Melbourne), I've been listening to ABC radio online.
Will try to catch your interview, if I don't get the times all screwed up!
Let me see, Melbourne is 16 hours ahead of me, so Adelaide is 15 hours ahead I think? Errr, I will try to check it out 8.40pm my time and see what happens...
Actually, Adelaide is only 30 minutes behind Melbourne, 15:30 hours ahead so you should check it out at around 9:10 pm.

Cheers! Ian
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