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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


How To Visualise Constellations

Scene, the dinner table at Chez Reynella as we are finishing our meal.

MiddleOne: I think I have a way to see the constellation lines at night.

Me: What do you mean?

MO: How to join up the stars in the sky.

Me: You mean actually draw the constellation lines on the sky? How would yo do that?

MO: You'd fire rockets that leave burning fuel in the sky in lines.

Me: Sorry, how would the burning fuel stay up?

SmallestOne: Dad!

MO: It would be gas, burning gas, and it would stay up connecting the stars.


Me: That might work! Why not build a frame of wire in the shape of the constellation, coat that with petrol, set it alight and have a balloon carry it in front of the constellation.

EldestOne: That's silly Dad, you'd set everyone on fire, use glow sticks instead.


Me: Yes?

SO: Our arms and legs fall of, and then they melt, and then we get put back together and kill aliens.

Me, MO, EO: !!!!!!!!!!!


Okay I was waiting to for the tip Dad, lol. That is cute conversation. Thanks for sharing. Anna :)
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