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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Jon Jenkins writes a letter...

..to the Australian (Let's cool down on climate). He says his opinion piece was "...perhaps too strongly worded...." and gives an apology. "Too strongly worded"! Accusing honest scientists of fraud and presenting untruths as fact goes way beyond "too strongly worded". I don't think Professor Jenkins has learned anything form this episode*.

Jon Jenkins turned up the the comments to Deltoids thread on this subject (his comments start here). Sadly, he completely missed the point (and I missed the chance to make a useful contribution).

*Yeah, he's fed up with being called names. You should see what I have been called by creationists, HIV/AIDS deniers and various other anti-rationalists. I think I win the title for "most swear words used as an adjective before my name". Somethines I get grumpy, but I have never used untruths or accused honest people of fraud to try and make my case against the anti-rationalists.

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People like Mr. Jenkins, of which there are many, really make you wonder what's wrong with that brain in their head. Seriously, if you still do not believe global warming exist you are NOT living in reality. Perhaps when we have reached the tipping point...no, they still won't get it.
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