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Thursday, December 04, 2008


The Moon, it Moves!

Getting over the "Night of the Smiley Fritz" yet. This composite image is not the starship enterprise seen from above, but a series of 4 shots taken half an hour apart. The shots were aligned using the layer and difference functions of the Gimp, then the layers screened to show all the planets.

I aligned the images on the Moon, Rather than Venus and Jupiter as a) the Moon smear was very unaesthetic, and didn't give a proper feel for how much it moved between shots and b) Venus is actually moving as well, quite slowly compared to the Moon, but fast enough that you can see the Jupiter and Venus tracks are different (allowing also for the fact that the Venus images are more over exposed than Jupiter).

Ideally I would have aligned against a "fixed star" but they were too dim in these images.

So there you have it, the Moon does move!

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