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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas to All

Venus shines above the Christmas decorations down the street from us.

Merry Christmas, Happy Sun-return Festival, Happy New Year, and here's hoping you are all safe from the loonies on the roads this festive season.



You and your family have an absolutly wonderfull Christmass this year.

Step by step, you have trained me on how to use the STEREO images, and I can not thank you enough for that.

Next year, I hope to return that favour.
Hi Ian,

In between family and Christmas dinner at the moment. Merry Christmas to you and hope you've been having a great day. We're a few hours ahead of you. I'm hoping for a clear night tonight so the kids and I can go out and check out the night sky. Been a few clouds around the last few days.

Take care and all the Best
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