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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Storm City

I've just come back from the Australian Health and Medical Research Congress. Being in the middle of exam time, this was a quick fly-in-flyout thing (sorry John), then I spent the bulk of the weekend marking exams.

But I did get to experience the storms that hit Brisbane (see more pictures here), Adelaide storms are very wimpy things, and I hadn't had a good storm for a long time. The Wednesday storm came right over Mum's house, and it was fantastic to smell the approaching rain, and watch the lightning arc across the sky.

At one stage Mum came out and I thought she was going to ask me to come in, but she said "Turn the lights on son, that way you can see the hail better".

Naturally I got no photos of the storm, or of the Venus - Sagittarius conjunction (because of all the lcoud, of course), so here are some photos I took when the family walked downm to the Kiosk for fish and chips. At least its a starfish, and the wired patters the drifting sand made over the hard san were pretty amazing.

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