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Friday, November 28, 2008


In Other News...

... I have held the Iron Chef's bound, completed thesis in my hands. Other copies are now reding in the Graduate Centre for distribution to the Library, as of mid December the Iron Chef gets a floppy hat and Gown and can now call himself Dr. Iron Chef. Iron Chef was my first "supervise all by myself" PhD student. He has been working with me for 5 years (1 year honours, 4 years PhD) and it will be strange to not have him as a student any more. However, I will still get to see him a lot, his post doc is with my collaborator the Footy Man, and so he'll be in my lab half the time anyway. Congratulations Dr. Iron Chef!

Now I just have to read Poisons first chapter throughly, and he can get on his way to being Dr. Poision.


Okay I have to know two things:

1. How do you name your PhD students?

2. How do you distribute your supervision with Poisson? Normally?
By a distinguishing characteristic. Iron Chef is so named as he is a fan of Iron Chef, and a mean cook. Poison used to be Gamer Guy (because he was a hard core FRP gamer), until he revealed that his real name translated as "poison", so he has to be Poison in order to become Dr. Poison in our superhero theme (I'm Dr. Alzheimer).

Nothing in my lab is distributed normally, it's all abnormal.
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