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Thursday, August 28, 2008


More Mars Animation!

Here's another animation done from the ESA Mars Express VMC webcam images.

I did something different this time, instead of trying to animate Mars's rotation during the day, I animated successive days at (roughly) the same time, to give an indication of Mars Express's orbit around Mars (so Mars appears to rotate North-South rather than East West). This worked pretty well, I think. The animation runs from 28-07-08 to 16-08-08. Some bits are jerky as there are couple of sections where chunks are missing (the last sequences are 8-8, 12-8, and 16-8, so there are no contiguous frames there), but otherwise you can see sections of Martian territory moving quite well.

The AVI isn't too flash, I can't align the Mars images in ImageJ still. However, here is an aligned animated GIF (1Mb download) made in The GIMP (for details of image handling see this post) that is full size and rotates smoothly.

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