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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Morning 12 June, ISS and Space Shuttle

View of the Southern horizon as seen from Adelaide at 6:40 am, June 12, with the track of the ISS and Shuttle (clock to enlarge).

If you are living in Western Australia, Adelaide and parts south, Melbourne (and parts South) and Tasmania you will have the opportunity to see the ISS pass above the horizon with the space shuttle close behind. You have to get up around 6 am on Thursday June 12 to see this, and it is close to twilight, but it should be interesting to see the Space Station and the shuttle close together.

The other bad news is that they are close to the horizon (except in Hobart).

In Adelaide the pass starts at 6:41 am, passing by the pointers above the Southern Cross.

In Hobart the pass starts at 6:49 am, starting in the tail of Scorpio then zooming past Achernar.

In Melbourne the pass starts at 5:50 am, just below Canopus.

The map to the left shows the track of the ISS with respect to visibility in Eastern Australia, the map below shows visibility in Western Australia.

To get exact predictions and star maps for your location go to http://www.heavens-above.com/

In Perth the pass starts at 6:42 am, passing by the pointers then above the southern cross

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