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Sunday, June 22, 2008


More Stereo Boattini

Well, the sky was covered in fog this morning, and looks like being clouded out tomorrow as well, so no morning Boattini for me. Still, I was able to see Boattini via the STEREO H2 imager.

Boattini is a bit brighter in this image than it was in earlier image series from STEREO, but still no sign of a tail. Comet Al has some indication of tail structure in some of the images he has processed, but in the raw images, even when brightened to the limit, I can see no tail.

The animation shows Boattini between 16 and 19 June. Boattini should be at it's brightest on the 21st (in the past here, but should be in downloaded STEREO images in a couple of days)

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