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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Mars, Regulus and Saturn; June 29-July2

Mars, Regulus and Saturn on June 28th (click to enlarge).

In the early evening Mars, Regulus and Saturn are putting on a show above the Northwest horizon, and watching them over the next few days will be rewarding. The best time to watch is around one and a half hours after sunset.

Mars is now rapidly approaching Regulus, and will be very close on 30 June, 1 and 2 July. Mars and Regulus will be at their closest on Tuesday 1 July. Together these two objects will make a narrow triangle with Saturn, a lovely sight in the evening sky. (A spotters map is here)

Mars then overtakes Regulus and heads for Saturn. On Saturday July 6, the crescent Moon, Mars, Regulus and Saturn are in a spectacular line up. This line up would be a good subject for my Sketching the Sky competition, so why not get the pencils and paper out and have a go (see http://home.mira.net/%7Ereynella/skywatch/ for competition details).

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Greetings Ian,

Any insights into what this "triangle and moon" might be alluding to?

As Tempests Rage Before Balances False !!

The news will only get worse until we decide enough is enough...
Only arrogant fools knowingly bet against a proven prophet...

Now you can better understand the many strange events of the last several years. The Vatican and Bush admin have been actively fighting against the Messiah (and all others who speak truth to power). Their efforts to kill Truth and Justice have failed and now they know that their end is nigh !!!

It's too bad the rest of humanity is suffering from the blowback caused by the so-called leaders we foolishly permit to remain in power as their greed-fueled folly continues to destroy human civilization.

The following symbolic narrative (prophecy) was included at the end of the Cease and Desist order that I posted worldwide in April-May of 2006. Here's more stunning proof that scoffing in the face of profundity is great folly.

As Tempests Rage Before Balances False...

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