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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Building an Orrey

Soccer season has started again. Once more I am coaching the under 13's with Eldest One. Middle One, the sports hater, has also started soccer.

Having two children playing in differnt age leagues makes transporting the kids a little ... interesting. Luckily Eldest Ones match was cancelled this week , the opposing team forfeited (giving his team a win, a bit of ego bost for the start of this season) , otherwise I would have had to get from Woodville to Westlakes in 15 minutes for Middle One to play.

And play he did, very well in fact. I was very proud of my young man as he mixed it in and executed some very nice team play.

Any trio to soccer also invloves a trip to the library (Eldest One h picked up "Lord of the Rings" to read), and a trip to the library passes by the newsagent, where there was a "Build it yourself" Orrery on the stands. I looked at Middle One, he looked at me. We bought it.

Okay, so it's one of these "by a bit a week" series, but we built the full "Harry Potter" chess set (and play with it), so an Orrery, no problem. Middle One and I can hardly wait for next weeks issue.


"Build it yourself" Orrery

Is this the title of the periodical/magazine? Or is it an article in another magazine?
I am very interested and will look for a copy on the US, if possible.

and will look for future posting about progress....

Regards, Peter
No, the title is something like "The Solar System" (the magazine is in the kids room, and they are asleap, so I can't check right now). It is a stand alone magazine, and you can't miss the first issue. It comes on a huge cardboard back plate with two brass setting circles on it.
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