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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The Open Laboratory 2007 is here!

The Open Laboratory 2007 is an anthology of some of the best science blogging produced in 2007. It is now available for purchase as a actual ink on dead trees book and will be available online and in various real bookstores. I think it is rather good, but one of my entries is in this anthology so I am biased (I made the Open Lab 2006 as well). You can also read the 53 winning entries here, and my winning entry here and here (I actually had two essays fused together).

Why buy the dead tree version when you can read the online versions for free? Well, there is just something nice about holding a real book, and reading online on the beach is well, just not right. As well, it's nice to have all these essays in one handy volume. And it supports Science Blogging, proceeds go to supporting the Science Blogging conference, so it is in a good cause.

My contributions are all biological, but I will try and get some astronomy in next year.

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