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Friday, April 27, 2007


Gliese 581 c in Celestia

I've uploaded a Celestia ssc file for the Gliese 581 system. Download it and put it in your extras folder and go exploring.

UPDATE to the update: I've rejigged the files so there is more information, the info URL actually points to the right place and some of the orbital periods are slightly more accurate. Download the file Wolf_562.ssc (the alternate name for Gliese 581) and put it in your Celestia extras folder and go exploring.

UPDATE: RomRod reminds me that new versions of Celestia have Gliese b. If you have a recent version, just comment out (put # in fromt of each line) the Gliese b entry in the ssc file.

In Celestia, Gliese 581 is called by its alternate name Wolf 562. If you go to the menu item Navigation | Star browser you will find it lested as one of the top 150 closest stars. Wolf 562 often turns up in science fiction stories.

From Gliese 581 c's night side, Sol is part of Taurus.

I've used the Ganymede texture for Gliese 581 c, as there is speculation it might be a relocated ice world, like Ganymede.

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thanks for the file!! but I now have a little problem, my Celestia version already had 581b, so now I have two b's!! I suppose I can edit your file and delete your b, but now I wonder which one is more accurate...
Ahh, I forgot to metion that. If you have a recent Celestia, just comment out my version (it simpler to put # marks in front of my little file than hunt through the Celestia extrasolar file. My data is form the most recent paper on the system so may be a little more accurate, but its not worth the hassle
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