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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Lunar Eclipse Image Roundup

Even thought I didn't see last weekends eclipse (althought it was a rare eclipse visible on all continents, you had to be in the westernmost Western Australia to see a faint darkening of the Moon), I got to share via other peoples accounts and images.

Will Gater mashed a pair of binoculars, but got some fantastic images of the Moon, (hat tip to Stuart, who watched the eclipse from Rome, lucky lad). DaveP has a nice shot and a good account (he destroyed his glasses, seems to be an accident prone eclipse), Top of the Lawn has a very good and atmospheric account of the eclipse from New York and Tom even managed to see it fleetingly between the clouds.

Here is a gallery of images from ABC news, APOD has the lunar eclipse from STEREO, which the Bad Astronomer mentioned before. I haven't seen any reports from Africa or India yet.

UPDATE: Nice image of the eclipse at Lunar Post of the Day, they also have a stunning image of Saturn grazing the Moon, Hat tip to the Bad Astronomer again.

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