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Saturday, March 17, 2007


The Australian is trying to drive me insane

The Australian has yet another anti-global warming article, in the Science and Nature section no less (AHRRGGG!!!). This time pushing the solar connection. Sorry folks, the Sun isn't responsible for our current bout of global warming. I'll do a post on this later, as I'm going to enjoy a (mostly) computer free weekend, but there are public understanding of science issues I want to address. At least there was a letter writer who pointed out that "The Great Global Warming Swindle" was a swindle itself. In the meantime, my offer to educate the Australian staff on what science is still stands.

If you want to cheer up a bit, listen to BBC Radio 4's The Now Show (especially the rant by Marcus Brigstocke from about 17:45) which is available as a podcast until next Friday.

On last week's Science Show (ABC Radio National) Robyn Williams also gave a reporter from Melbourne's Herald Sun a bit of a hard time for mis-reporting the science.
In an old joke, a man complains to the doctor "It hurts when I do this", and the doctor replies, "So don't do that". I don't read the Australian (except the Higher Ed supplement, and then only cursorily). Stop it now, if you want a quiet pleasant life...
Stuart: Thanks for those recomendations, reading Robin Williams spank Andrew Bolt soundly warms the cockles of my heart.

John: Sadly, I already mostly follow your very wise recommendation. I also get the Wednsday Australian for the Higher Ed (maybe I shoud just throw the rest away quickly before I am tempted to read it). But we also buy it on Saturday, as the only other option would be to buy the Advertiser, and that is a thought too terrible to contemplate (Okay, so we could not buy a paper, but what would we do while drinking our lazy Saturday morning coffee? And where would be get the TV guide from? :-).

And over on Pandas Thumb there is another link between ID creationists and Global Warming deniers.
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