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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Saturday Morning Orionids

My Orionid session didn't start too well, the whole northern sky was covered in cloud when I got up. It cleared by 4 am, with Orion sparkiling in the predawn dark I was immediately rewarded by a long, bright Orionid. I got a view of the -5 Iridium flare as well. In the next 15 minutes I saw 5 Orionids , mostly bright but short, one very bright sporadic and a satellite. The following 15 minutes saw the sky beining to lighten, and I saw only two Orionids, one bright one dim. By 4:30 the sky was well and truly lightening, but I still saw one long Orionid accompanied by birds greeting the dawn. Then I watched the ISS skim under Saturn, and packed up.

Tommorow morning I plan to get started around 2, and maybe get the film camera out for a long exposure.

No chance here. Definitely cloud benighted. Sounds great what you saw.
Great Blog mate!

I am curious to learn ancient cultures and astronomical significance of certain days celebrated in certain cultures. There may not be any as well.

Just was wondering, is there any significance or similarities between October 21, 2006 and November 2, 2005 (other than that they are Diwali celebration days for hindus). I noted that Oct 21, 2006 is a day of Orionids peak.
I am a layman in astronomy.

Looks like the Orionids have been in outburst this year from the reports I've been getting. If I could have only got up earlier.
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