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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


More Moon Mosaics

These are some images I took back in August, and never got around to posting. This is my favorite goup of craters. One day I'm going to image them when the Sun is just right.

The craters are (in ascnding order) Theophylis (the equivalent of cafffine in tea is Theophyline BTW), Cyrillus and Catharina.

One of my better moon mosaics (alt least in terms of clarity and overlap), click on the image to enlarge it. The seeing was almost pefect when imaging this night.

really nice images and those are 3 of my favorite craters. I love the Nectaris Basin region.

Are you using gimp to build those mosaics?

Theophylis - well I'll breathe easy knowing that!

Any chance of that magazine arriving? Family all waiting to see the Aussie stamps I think!
Tag: Yes, I used Gimp to build them. I am writing (very very slowly) a guide to using Gimp for Astrophotography.

Karen: I haven't got them yet. When I finish dealing with the exam stuff I'm going to ask the Uber editor what the heck is going on. Mid October is a little late for the September/October issue to come out.
Oh, and Karen, the Theophyilis joke, you just amade a Pharmacologists very cheerful (Theophyiline is used to treat Asthma, in the 19th century, two strong cups of expresso were used as a therapy for Asthma, due to the smooth-muscle relaxing caffine).
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