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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon

Mercury and Jupiter (bright dots near the horizon) gleam in the twilight, while above the crescent Moon glows under Antares (click to enlarge).

Despite missing the Moon, Mercury Jupiter lineup, I got to see this wonderful display. I even made an animation of it (WARNING 3.6 Mb gif file).

I've finished my Mercury/Jupiter conjunction campaign now. I've got a bit over a weeks images to collate and overlay, maybe I'll make an animation of them too.

Can you tell me how to animate your gif work please?
Baiscally, just click on the link and it will download the image and be animated without any intervention. However, as It is a BIG file, it may take several minutes to load the frames (especially on dialups), and you will get not animation effect until all the frames are loaded, so please be patient.
No luck. Downloading no problem as on 8mb broadband. I can't ever animate your wonderful work. Tried on Opera and IE7.
Something weird is going on. It works fine in FireFox, and IE6. I can download it and run it in Windows Picture Viewer just fine. I have no ideas at the moment, but will work on it. Maybe someelse out there has a clue.
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