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Sunday, October 15, 2006


12.76 second of fame

At work of Friday I recieved a letter from Arthur C. Clarke. It was a mass mailout letter to be sure, getting me to do a survey for, and perhaps join, the Planetary Society. But even so, I was mildly chuffed that I had been chosen to be part of this mailout, but how was I chosen? Did they complie a list of all astrobloggers? Or people who contribute to Astronomy magazines? But Puxzzlement arose, I don't list my Uni address in any of my astronomy work, so how did they find me? Then my PhD student popped his head around the door "Hey, do you know anything about the Planetary Society?"

Yes, it looks like they got university staff lists from somewhere, and mailed it to everyone at every university. So much for being special.

They don't seem to have sent any to my uni. :(
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