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Monday, September 18, 2006


Tonights ISS-Shuttle pass just got better

Path of the ISS and Shuttle mission STS-115 as seen from Adelaide at 19:20 CST. See Heavens Above for local predictions .

The ISS and Shuttle have just undocked, in preparation for the shuttles return on Wednesday.SO we get to see two bright objects tracking each other closely tonight. Once again, Brisbande(18:17 est) and Melbourne (19:53 est), see the pair pass almost on top of Jupiter. Adelaidians see them near by and Sydneyites (18:18 est) see a close pass to Altair.

I saw them! Just then. Thank you so much for your blog Ian, it has truly helped me so much!! Thanks to you, I knew exactly where to look, and when :) I know there is a lot of information about astronomy out there, but your blog is my favourite!
Fantastic! Wasn't that an amazing sight!! I'm glad you saw it! I've just posted my very dim pictures of the event, which do not do the skies justice.
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