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Thursday, September 14, 2006


The Planet formerly known as Xena...

...is now the Dwarf Planet Eris. Yes, UB313 has been officialy named. For more see the Bad Astronomer and Skepchick .

Update: the Bad Astronomer has found a blog that has a conspiracy theory about the naming of Eris. PZ Myers weighs in with some Eris-related conspiracy theories of his own. See also Mike Browns take on this.

Under the IAU's own naming rules, they cannot name 2003UB313 as "Eris"... or in fact as anything else other than "Xena" or "2003UB313" until at least the year 2013. The IAU have outsmarted themselves.
Ed said on his web page "Mike Brown proposed the name Xena for 2003UB313, and the name Gabrielle for its satellite. " Actually, these were Mike's nicknames for UB313 and its satellites, not a formal proposed name. Eris was Mike's formal porposed name.
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