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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Last Moments of SMART-1 (I think)

This series of images (click on them to enlarge) are screen captures from the ESOC webcam feed, of what I think are the last moments of SMART-1. Given that there was no commentary, or cluse as to what was actually on the screens, I'm pretty much geussing that the one screen that kept updating, and that people were staring at and photographing, was actually a live feed form SMART-1 (heck, it could have been "best of SMART-1 for all I know).

Amyway, SMART-1 impacted pretty much on time, and was sending back images up to 5 minutes before impact. The Planetary Society Weblog has more details. So far no reports of visual impact form Amateur telescopes. The ESA are working on getting up the images from the last moments of SMART-1, but until then you will have to putt up with my fuzzy Webcam pics.

UPDATE: ESA has released simulation of SMART-1's last moments.

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