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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Fathers Day with added Spacecraft Impact.

Image, Dr Who and an anonymous Dalek watch SMART-1 crash into the Moon.

While waiting for SMART-1 updates, I thought I'd tell you about my day. Today is/was Fathers Day in Australia. I got to lounge in bed while the boys "assisted" my beloved Bettdeckrerschnappender Weisle in making muffins. You can see the image below, I'm using it as an illustration in my lecture on food additives and toxicity (seriously, just redid the slides). I also was presented with a Dr Who collectors set, part of which can be seen in the image above. It's a bit thought provoking that Smallest One can't name colours, but can say "Dr. Who".

Breakfast at the astrobloggers. It looks yummy (yes, that's a giant Preying Mantis either hugging or battling a monkey, the significance eluded me too).

The we went down to the foreshore and did some feral weed removal with dune care, retired home and the boys, Dr. Who and I watched SMART-1 crash into the Moon via the ESA webcam. The we watched Prehistoric Park on TV before I sent them to bed (Middle One wants a Microraptor as a pet), and checked on the crash reports.

Is it possible to have a better day?

Happy Father's Day Ian! Glad to hear you had a good day!

Haha I got my Dad a Doctor Who DVD as well! Except it wasn't the complete set, just part of it. He spent the rest of the night out in the shed engrossed. At one point I walked out there in time to see a giant werewolf on the screen :)
Thanks for the good wishes Danae. I see that you have been treating your dad right. Maybe I can broadly hint to my kids about a Doctor Who DVD as well :-)
Ian, it is funny that you should mention Prehistoric Park because my neice was just talking about that today. Apparently, this morning they took a trip to the Moon and found that it was made of chocolate chip cookies! Perhaps the images from SMART-1's impact show that and ESA are covering it up ;-)
OK, sorry Ian, I think I got Prehistoric Park mixed up with another show with a similar name.
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