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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Afternoon Delight (Mars, Mercury and the ISSS)

Mercury and Mars close together in the twlight of September 15.

Theres a few interesting things coming up in evening over the next few days. Tonight, Jupiter and Zubenelgenubi will be at their closest. On Frdiay, Sept. 15 Mars and Mercury will be very close together. Unfortunately, they will also be very close to the horizon. They will be only a handspan above the western horizon half an hour after sunset. This means you will need aclear level horizon to see them.

While most of the ISS/Shuttle passes are in the early morning, there are two nice passes on the early evening of Sunday 17 and Monday 18. See Heavens Above for your local times.

The best will be on the 18th. Melbourne and Brisbane will see the ISS glide just past Jupiter (almost on top)

Adelide will see it go between Jupiter and the Head of Scorpio, while Sydney will see it go through Aquila.

hey,c ould you help me out? im want to be ablt to view the leonids and geminids this year from new zealand, but im not even at the level of amatuer astronomer. ive got a couple of books and thats it , really. would you be able to send me an email? thanks, geoff

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