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Friday, December 02, 2005


Sunspot 826 Ahoy!

Image credit SOHO
The Sun had gone quiet on us after the excitement of sunspot 822, but in the past two days sunspot 826 has expanded in size from the inconspicuos to around the size of Saturn. This one will be interesting to watch with safe solar projection techniques as it rotates across the Sun's face. 826 has also fired off a C and M class flare, so there is a small chance we might get aurora from this one.

Oh, and happy 10th aniversay SOHO (not bad for a probe on a two year mission). The SOHO pick of the week is a CME and Mercury.

Sun? Venus? Haven't seen either in over 2 weeks....
Yeah. They've been missing for the last week here too. I hope it clears up for tomorrow's star party.
Well, the weather here has turned a bit iffy, but I;'m off confr\erencing for the next few days, so I won't get to see the sky either.

Hope the sky clears up for you both.
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