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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


More on the Kitzmiller Case

The news of the Dover trial result is echoing around the world. New Scientist has a short story up already. It was on both ABC local news and Triple J, and has even turned up in the dear old Advertiser, hardly a cosmopolitan Journal.

You can download an audio file of the ABC story (realplayer and MP3's avilable at this link as well) and have a listen.

My favorite quote in the audio comes from the President of Christian Helpline who said Judges were not informed and needed to study the science of both sides. A sit happened there was an enormpus amout of science studied in the trial, it was quipped that everyone heard more about bacterial flagella than anyone would like to know. The key fact the emerged was that ID hadno science, just thinly described religious arguments slightly modified from old-style creationists.

Still, The Pandas Thumb is probably the best place to go for news and background information. Also there is the ACLU blog site. As well you can download the 139 page descison from the NSCE website.

I can't emphasise how big a win this is for science. Anti-evolution atempts to teach non-science in science classes will be set back for at least a decade.

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