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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Lunar Mosaic

Here's a mosaic I made from my Sunday night imaging session. As always, click on the image to get a full size rendering. The image looks slightly weird as I didn't shoot as far along the northern limb as I did fro the Southern. I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out, given I was manually aligning in photoshop, and not using something groovy like autostich. You can see the rills in the lava flows of Sinus iridium, which is rather cool (you will have to click on the image to see this). What is disappointing is the way the intensity varies from frame to frame although I changed no settings (except in the very top images, when light cloud dimmed the images). I'll have to think of ways around that. Next time I think I'll try and attach the webcam to the Barlow lens. I wouldn't mind a ToUCam pro for Christmas, but I don't think Santa is getting me that :-(

Wow! That's really nice.
I like it. I think there is a certain charm to mosaics where you can see the individual frames.
yep! very cool - or as the kids say today: "kewl".
And this was taken on a night where seeing wasn't all that good. Frustratingly, the rills arouind Sinus Iridium are perfectly clear on the original, but in the the copy served by Blogger, they are invisible. [sigh]
Very nice. What is that large protuberance near where you've written Mare Ibrium?

I think Flickr might be a better option for keeping the photo quality (I didn't use it myself yet though so can vouch it).
That's the edge of an impact crater that rejoices in the name Sinus Iridium.
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