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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Well, it's got a rocket in it.

When you have been up late cleaning up after your Smallest Ones second birthday, when you have a virus, when you have been woken at 2.00 am by Smallest one reacting to a surfeit of chocolate crackles (and have to strip off all the bed sheets and get them in the wash), and then repeat the performance when he vomits over you half an hour later, what should you do next? Sleep in? No[1], we get up, get on the train and go to the Adelaide Christmas pageant. The floats are made by local community groups, and it is all a bit cheesy, watching castles with fake snow go past to cheerful tunes about dashing through the snow ... on a bright and hot Australian spring day. But it is a local tradition, and refreshing in a sea of crass commercialism. And there was a rocket in it, so the kids liked it (and Santa as well, that was a bonus).

[1] Especially as Smallest One wakes up bright, early and chirpy.

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