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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


X Class Flare CME now expected to arrive Thursday 15

Image Credit BOM
The time of arrival of the Coronal Mass Ejection associated with the X class flares I reported has been updated (and there has been a third X class flare). The CME should hit sometime on the 15th here in Australia, not the 16th. It could hit as early as 9:00 am AEST on Thursday the 15th (that's 23:00 UT on the 14th for non-Australains). The Australian IPS has issued a major/severe storm warning for the 15th, and a minor storm warning for the 16th. There is also a mid-latitude aurora warning out. New Zealand, Tasmainia and Southern Victoria should defintly be on the lookout, while Southern New South Wales and Southern South Australia should be on the alert. The bad news is that the weather forecast is fairly dire, with rain predicted (see BOM map), althought it may clear in SA in the evening. Also, the Moon will interfere a bit beofre midnight.

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