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Friday, September 02, 2005


Venus and Jupiter Blues

"Woke up this morning, and found the sky was cloudy again". That would make a good blues song. So go off to the Bad Astronomy Blog for some new pictures, and to Stuarts Astronomy Blog for a great animation. There are also good shots here and here at Ice in Space.

For those still thirsting for aurora pics, over at the Astronomical Society of Victoria there is a gallery of Shevill Mathers aurora pictures from August 24. Stunning. Also pop into the Astronomical Society of Tasmania for archive images of aurora.

Oh, and house keeping annoucment, I've added some new links to my links panel on the left, including the Aussie astronomy site "Ice in Space", and links to Celestia and Stellarium. Check them out.

And a big hello to visitors from South-East Asia, India and Indonesia, get ready for the occulation of the Pleiades on September 22/23 (more details shortly).

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