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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Occultation weather forecast - not so good.

Image BOM
Sadly, there is forecast for rain and cloud on the evening of the 22nd for Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. Almost all other major regions should be fine. So have a good occultation, I suspect I shall be looking at cloud though.

So this might be an opportunity for me to finish my Celestia tour of the new Kupier Belt objects, including the putative 10th planet UB313. I've finally got the data for EL61's satellite, tidied up some other information and formatting, so I am ready to write. Only my mother turns up tomorrow for a visit, so I may not have access to my computer for a while, as she will be staying in the guest room, which doubles as our computer room.

I hope it is clear enough for you to get a peek. Should be good.
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