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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


More X Class flares

Image Credit SOHO LASCO 2 camera.
Early this morning Sunspot group 798/808 let off two X class flares. This time the associated Coronal Mass Ejections appear heading more or less straight at Earth, so we can expect geomagnetic storms, and possibly aurora, somewhere around Friday 16 to Saturday 17 September. The waxing Moon may interfere with aurora observing though. For some nice images from the two day geomagnetic strom that was clouded out in Australia, see the SpaceWeather Gallery and the Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Gallery.

Oh good another chance to see the lights. Maybe I can try the SLR to get some images. My blog will be back by then, long story, not my fault for once :)
Thanks for the advance warning Ian.
No worries, but the CME will actually hit fully a day earlier than I announced (see the update post). An SLR is a good idea, most of the exposure times needed are beyond little digital cameras.
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