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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


The Moons of Mars

Image credit NASA/JPL
No geomagnetic storm tonight, just rain storms. Pop over the the Mars Rover site for some fantastic images of Phobos and Demios as caught by Spirits low light camera. Includes a great animation, but the opening lines of each of the sections is exactly the same, so reading the accompanying text is boring. Don't let that stop you from scrolling down though.

Steve Rawlings (name dropping again!) showed the images of the moons at DPS2005. He said they were doing 'planetary geology' ;-)

On another topic, I reckon Megan will have some more good shots of the Sun up on her blog at some point later on today.

I had a look through a solar telescope with an etalon earlier (WARNING: Don't look at the sun through an unfiltered telescope). It was really cool to be able to change the observing wavelength from red to a slightly different shade of red! Actually, although the colour change isn't noticeable, the difference in the structure of the sunspot is amazing.
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