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Monday, September 12, 2005


Monday Night Aurora Blogging

Kp Index 6, Solar wind Velocity: 1000 km/sec; Bz: -3.0 nT; Density = 2.0 p/cc. High latitude auroa warning (ie Tasmania and Soutthern Victoria). Blasted cloud everywhere.

Cloudy here last night too, as usual. But today is clear so we've been having a look at the Sun. That sunspot group is huge!
It is, isn't it. I've just posted links to some good shots of it above. Any shots of it form your end? If the sky is clear over the UK/Ireland, have a look tonight, activity is ongoing.
I've put a picture taken this afternoon on my blog, it's not very good as it was taken with a little camera held to the eyepiece of a H-alpha scope on a dodgy tripod, but you can see the sunspot and a large prominance. The sky is still fairly clear here, and the forecast is looking pretty good so fingers crossed...
Cool Picture, I'll put a linmk up to it.
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