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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Clouded Out

Clouded out from the closest approach of Venus and Jupiter (sob). I'll just have to wait. On November 16 2006, Venus and Jupiter will be only 23 minutes of arc apart, but they will be only 4 degrees above the horizon when the Sun sets. On 1 February 2008 Venus and Jupiter are less than a degree apart, and 16 degrees above the horizon at astronomical twilight, in the heart of Sagittarius not far from M22. On the 4th, Venus, the Moon and Jupiter line up. In February 2010, Venus and Jupiter are very close again, but also 4 degrees from the horizon around sunset. In the meantime, pop over the the Bad Astronomer for a nice image series, or drop in at Space Weather for some more images, including one from the South Pole.

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